In most cases clients consider the features they are going to get with a given hosting plan and tend to forget something just as essential - the service uptime. As good as a plan might be, frequent downtimes could lead to lower search engine rankings and lost clients regardless of what the reason behind them is. Of course, very few people would come back to a website that's not available 50 % of the time, not mentioning the wasted capital assuming you have invested in an advertising campaign. This is why, whenever you buy a new web hosting package, you should make sure that the service is going to be stable and your sites will be online always. This means a boost in traffic, or in case you have an online store, for instance, better uptime usually means more satisfied clients.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Hosting

All of our hosting solutions feature a 99.9% service uptime warranty. We can easily achieve that by using a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform in which each service (files, emails, databases, and so forth.) has its own set of web servers. We do not run everything on a single machine as most providers do, so we have practically eradicated the downtime of any service and even in peak times we can balance the load between servers for the very best achievable performance of your internet websites. If one machine fails, the other ones inside the cluster will take over to guarantee the uninterrupted functioning of the web sites. To avoid infrastructural challenges, our hosting server facilities use effective diesel backup generators and a number of independent Internet providers as to make certain that site visitors will be able to reach your internet sites no matter what. We also have a group of knowledgeable professionals tracking the web servers 24/7/365.