The OneStopNet Control Panel was created to bring in advancement to the normal site managing interface. The earlier Control Panel front runner – cPanel, was created more than ten years ago and hasn’t been through an important update since then. The OneStopNet Control Panel is built on the concepts of the present day, delivering comfort and user friendliness to all website administration responsibilities you can think about.

Scroll down and do a comparison of the 2 main website management solutions, learn more about their positives and negatives and see which can match your requirements the most.

1. Domain name/invoicing/web site controls

The OneStopNet Control Panel lets you effortlessly handle your domains, e–mail messages and websites with simply a click of the mouse. By doing this, you are able to deal with all aspects of your online presence from just one interface.

The cPanel Control Panel does not feature parallel management of domain names and websites. You have one billing panel for your domain names and bills, and yet another Control Panel for your web sites.

2. File Arrangement

Using the OneStopNet Control Panel, all your domains and subdomains are going to be separated from one another. Each individual site is going to have its very own folder segregated from the rest inside the main directory of your account. You can easily switch from working on one web site to maintaining another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have just one website hosting account for your primary web site and in case you want to get extra websites within the very same account, they’ll be included as subfolders of your primary website. This will make managing a variety of web sites definitely complicated.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager in the OneStopNet Control Panel, you will have complete control of the data files of your sites. You’ll be able to quickly upload new files by using drag–and–drop functionality, successfully change a few files at the same time with the multi–selection functionality, extract archives in a click, change files using the included generic and WYSWYG managers and a lot more.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and constrained in functions. Submitting multiple files requires a considerable amount of time and doesn’t include drag–and–drop support. The in–built archive/unzip tool is undependable and the file editing instruments provide solely simple controls. There isn’t fast access to the included file managing functionalities.

4. Freely available Bonus Tools

The OneStopNet Control Panel is run by us and comes with a large set of no–charge gifts that would normally cost you over $1000 bucks with other companies. You will have access to countless free of cost themes, the Simple Website Installer, Web Apps, a PHP Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Applications, and so forth.

The freely available bonus tools packaged in the cPanel Control Panel can vary from zero to several. All complimentary bonuses inside the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and are readily available on condition that your website hosting company has obtained a certification to offer them. So, if your provider freely available tools along with your plan, they will in fact add to the value of the service.

5. Control Panel Performance Speeds

The OneStopNet Control Panel runs using our custom–built hosting. It has been designed to operate on our set of equipment components and to operate with our collection of software programs. This will make it operate faster than any other Control Panel solution on the market. And it’s safer in terms of performance too.

The cPanel Control Panel is working on thousands of web servers, working on a wide range of hardware and software setups. Nevertheless, its common circulation brings about significantly sluggish and less secure operation in comparison with alternative site management interfaces that are designed for one system exclusively.

6. Multi–domain Administration

The OneStopNet Control Panel offers you a one–of–a–kind solution to control numerous domain names and sites from one simple–to–use user interface. Domain name management is easy and transitioning to website management means you only need to transfer to another part of the Control Panel.

With cPanel, it is impossible to look after your domain names and your websites from one location, because the two user interfaces are divided. You have to log into 2 different locations anytime you need to change your domain settings and web site file contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Navigation

In the OneStopNet Control Panel, you will be given the most current reports for your web sites and with handy access icons to the most significant parts. In addition, you’ll be able to navigate through the Control Panel, thanks to our top navigation bar, which features links to all available menus.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all featured icons in the homepage, which means it is not customized to your specific necessities. In addition, immediately after you enter a menu, you cannot immediately change to a different one and will have to go back to the main page instead. This sort of navigation can be quite irritating for you, especially if you take advantage of many sections anytime you change your web sites.

8. Demo Accounts

The OneStopNet Control Panel comes with a feature–rich demo cloud hosting account. All sections are available to you and you’ll be able to work with them to make new email accounts and data–bases, maintain your files, etc. If you appreciate how things stand, you can actually register directly from our demo account.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is basically a screen–shot of what is in the primary menu. Almost every function that’s displayed there is not available. This way, when you enroll, you will have no idea how the specified tools and functions of the Control Panel in reality perform.

Instead of just learning about the OneStopNet Web Control Panel, you can easily have a look at our Live Demo and find out yourself how simple and easy website managing could possibly be.

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